Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Plans


You know your goals but need a professional & customized plan to achieve them. We develop a bespoke nutrition and exercise plan for you. No run-off-the-mill standard plans. One that takes into account your goals, preferences, constraints, likes and dislikes. One that is based on best-practice and science.

Our plans will tell you:


Amount of kcals you should be consuming on training and rest days


Your macro split & easy-to-follow 

food-tracking guidelines

Your sample meals plans


Your specific exercises & 

recommended training intensity

Your weekly training plan

Best practice tips so you get 

the most out of your training


Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Plan

PHP 2,900



In order for us to develop your bespoke plan, we need to understand you and your goals better.

For example, your current level of fitness, nutrition preferences and exercise practice.

Tell us more about you in this short 20-minute survey.

We will be sending you your plans within 1 day and schedule a call to walk you through them.


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